The House


This is a family house, with life, stories, affections, and unutterable experiences. Here, time knows no hurries, peace finds its safe place, and the green of nature surrounds the hearts and eyes of those arriving here and choose to linger here for a while longer. This is our place that we wish with all our hearts to share with you. This is the secret of the immensity of an air so fresh that is capable to set free the thoughts of those seeking respite. In this refuge I, Maria João, and my mother, Maria Armanda, will welcome you, having as sole purpose to exceed all your expectations. We will do our best so that the time spent here may be one of the richest and most fruitful you’ve ever experienced. This has always been my mother’s dream and now it is also mine! I have decided to embrace this House, my House, making it also your House.

Our House

Casa da Pedra, nested on a hillside of the Marão Mountain, from where Vila Chã do Marão got its name from, enjoys the lightness of the fresh and perfumed airs from heather and rosemary. A typical house from the Marão region, full of stories and charm, situated in a 6-hectare estate- Quinta do Valinho. Gardens, farming fields, pastures and a lovely wood, full of nook and crannies and viewpoints, whose secret location makes them even more agreeable, embraces the house.
In fact, this estate was a legacy from my grandparents to my mother. Her passion for the Quinta do Valinho has blossomed as a child because it was a forbidden fruit. A widow noblewoman lived here with her only and very lovely daughter.
The girl fell in love with a cousin but the unrequited love led to her demise with a broken heart. These characters, among others, grew in my mother’s imagination, and her fascination for the entire estate, especially because of the mystery emanating from the secret lives that once have inhabited Casa da Pedra, never stopped growing.
This is, however, a timeless house because very little is known about its history. “We couldn’t even peek.” my mother often recalls. But one day she was able to convince my grandfather to buy the lands of the noblewoman from her childhood. “The seamstress used to come once a month and she used to talk about the hiding places in the woods. Today, this house can’t exist without me and I can’t exist without this house.”<br>
My mother saved Casa da Pedra from total decay when she decided to dedicate herself to Guest housing. In July 2000 Casa da Pedra opened its doors to Tourism after a deep rehabilitation of the building and surrounding areas. Later, on June 2004, Casa do Valinho is opened. The old house inhabited by the estate keepers was in ruins and was transformed into a space that enables a longer stay with the possibility of enjoying a country house, with resting moments to look up at the stars. The traditional wooden porch, facing the path, is the trade mark of this second house. The porch turns the light more veiled and the environment more romantic.