The city

Amarante, the city where the house is located, has a peculiar charm, for its historical, natural, and gastronomic legacy. It deserves to be visited, lived, and tasted.

Casa da Pedra is situated 4 km from the banks of the Tâmega River and 6 km from the city of Amarante. 
The destinies of Amarante, the Tâmega River and the Marão and Aboboreira mountains are intertwined and that’s why the calling to outdoor activities and exercise is permanent, such as mountain climbing, canoeing, paragliding, boat trips in Guigas and Gaivotas, fishing, hunting, swimming, golf, camping, fruition of river beaches and the aquatic park.
The Tâmega also captivates for its bucolic banks, lined with willows and alders, a washerwoman here and there, its features -  “galas”, rocks, canals, islands, sandbanks. Its coolness spreads into the city and invites to walks along its banks.
The municipality of Amarante also gathers a group of remarkable buildings and monuments. The most significant constructions are from the Romanesque period and are situated in rural areas: the Romanesque churches of Gondar, Lufrei, Freixo de Baixo, the monastery of Travanca, Jazente, Gatão, representing some of the best examples of this architectural style in the Iberian Peninsula. In the city the focus goes to the old quarter, the Old Bridge and the Monastery of S. Gonçalo, where the renowned convent sweets were created. The gastronomy is another aspect worth emphasizing, being possible to taste traditional flavours in one of the traditional restaurants overlooking the Tâmega River, enjoying the privileged views over the river.


And nearby…

Casa da Pedra is an excellent starting point to discover, unhurriedly, other tourist attractions with significant relevance, such as:

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